Sunday, August 15, 2010

Considering New Golf Clubs - Callaway and Taylor Made

Watching the PGA Championship on TV at Whistling Straits (where I played last year) got me motivated to go check out some new clubs for some reason. I went to Carl's Golfland to check out some new irons this weekend since the Callaway Tour Fit Bus was in town. I was thinking the Callaway X-22's are on sale for $379 so I'd probably pick up a set for cheap and this would be a good replacement irons set.

Well, it didn't turn out as I expected.

They had me try the Callaway Diablo Forged +1 irons. I have to admit that I have never hit a 6 iron like this before. I was consistently bombing a 6 iron 220+ yards...straight. It was just like butter. I do have a club speed of about 110 mph, which also means I need "Project X 6.0" shafts according to the rep.

Then "just for fun" they had me try the new Callaway FT Iz 9 driver with a Diamana Whiteboard 83X shaft. Again, 300+ yard drives...straight.

I was so excited about this potential to improve my game and get some sweet clubs!

Until I found out the irons are $1000, and the driver alone was $700. The shaft I was hitting just happens to be the same shaft that Tiger plays.

So I walked away with nothing. I plan to stick with my Callaway Hyper X 460 for now, but for irons I think I'm going to look into the Taylor Made Burners with the stiff shafts ... I hear you can pick up a set for about $550 which is more in my range and they are similar to the Diablo Forged.

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