Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just "Callaway Me"

A project manager I work with has a pretty good joke going. I'll give him an update and say something like, "I'm going to be in meetings all day tomorrow, so just PING ME if you need me". What I mean is, send me an instant message.

He is quick to respond, "you mean just CALLAWAY ME?" :-) Not bad, Rick. Not bad at all. He knows I play Callaway clubs (woods at least - I play Mizuno irons). Although lately, I'm in the market for a new driver and possibly some new fairway woods or a hybrid.

So anyway after work today I went to my first ever Golf demo day. A local course had all the major manufacturers in with all the clubs you could think of.

After hittings about 150 balls and over 15 combinations of clubs/heads/shafts, in order of my personal preference, here is how I hit them from worst to best. In the interest of keeping the list short I am picking the best from each manufacturer and combinations (shafts/heads, etc).

6. King Cobra LV4
5. Nike Sasquatch
4. Taylor Made Burner Tour X-Stiff
3. Cleveland Hibore XLS Red Stiff
2. Ping G10 TFC129 X-Stiff
1. Callaway Hyper X Tour Fit-On 360 Stiff (8.5)

I wasn't even going to try the Callaway (see post below this one). But I did, and I tried the tour model. It was ridiculously better than anything else I hit. I had 8 out of 10 straight and over 280 yards. I took a break, went back and hit some other brands and the fade/slice was back and just didn't feel as good. Back to the Callaway and straight and long.

I'm going to give Callaway one more shot despite getting two defective drivers in a row. Hopefully third time is a charm...

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