Friday, November 09, 2007

BPM Suite

Contrary to my previous most on this, after much discussion and research the final list of vendors I'm evaluating is Bluespring BPM Suite, Ascentn Agilepoint, and K2.NET Blackpearl. These vendors seem to take a true SOA based approach to workflows, and each seems to have strengths and weaknesses. Email me if you'd like to discuss these more.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ben, I am also starting to evaluate SOA-based BPM solutions. Saw you have some experience with Ascentn and Bluespring. If you have a second could you shoot me an email with the major differences between the two? From the outside, seems like they are very familiar. Thx in advance, Chris Chang, BPO Group,

Ben M Abler said...

Hi Chris. The fact that you've narrowed it to Ascentn and Bluespring tells me you're interested in SOA and web service based approaches to BPM, which in my opinion is important. I think both products are strong, I encourage you to dig into the details of each to find out which one best fits your organizational needs.