Sunday, October 28, 2007

Deeeeetroit Bas-ket-ball!

I came across this article this morning from the Detroit News:

... the thing I want to discuss from this article is the following quote:

"I still don't think they (Cavaliers) beat us, we beat ourselves," Wallace said. "And I think we also fell victim to that personal NBA thing where they are trying to make it a world game and get (television) ratings. They wanted to put their darling in there (the NBA Finals) and they did, and look what ended up happening."

The league's darling, according to Wallace, was LeBron James, and what ended up happening were the worst ratings in the modern history of the NBA Finals.

"This game ain't basketball anymore, it's entertainment," Wallace said. "It's starting to get like the WWF. There ain't no real wrestling anymore either. It's all fake."

This is where I wonder if Rasheed has been reading my blog. At the end of last year, I posted almost these exact same words. I am not here to defend Rasheed, it's so annoying when he can't control his temper and gets tossed. But anyone who watched the Pistons - Cavaliers playoff series last year could see his point plain as day. Combine that with the discovery that many NBA officials have been rigging and gambling on games as discovered this offseason, and I'm more convinced than ever that the NBA is so full of corruption that it has almost reached a stage where much of it is predetermined, and in that respect it is very similar to the WWE.

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