Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seeking opinions on Infopath client vs Forms Services in MOSS

We will soon be facing a decision of implementing InfoPath 2007 based solutions by utilizing either the rich client or the web client of forms services. I'm aware of many of the limitations of forms services compared to the InfoPath client. What I'm not aware of is the "real world experience" others have had in these types of decisions and implementation.

I see it as the following:

Advantages to Forms Services Implementation
- Does not require InfoPath client and everything is web based with no dependency from a client perspective
- Provides better accessability via the extranet or web enablement from your "non standard firm PC"
- May have some performance and integration benefits (not 100% on this)

Advantages to Infopath 2007 Client Implementation
- Not constantly "working around" the limitations of forms services, and those features that are not supported in the browser
- More functionality at your disposal to build solutions
- Potentially reduces development time by eliminating exceptions and discovering less work arounds and limitations.

Which decision is best? Let's assume licencing is not a factor. What would you decide and why?

If others can share their experiences with these decisions on a MOSS 2007 implementation I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Great work.