Friday, June 22, 2007

Leaping from Point & Shoot to Digital SLR

Well my wife is big into scrapbooking, so all of her scrapbook buddies convinced her we needed a digital SLR type of camera. I'd been thinking I needed one anyway, my old Canon Powershot G2 is getting pretty old and although it's a good camera, it just wasn't fitting the need anymore. I figured I'd pick one up at Costco to check it out since you have 90 days to return it.

We bought a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I think it was $800 with a kit lens, way more than I wanted to spend on a camera and this is just the start -- to really do what you want you need more lenses, lenses, lenses and don't forget high speed compact flash and hotshoe flash, carrying case, the list goes on and on. Do non-professional photographers really spend thousands on this stuff? I guess so. I'm trying to keep the cost down but still get the benefits.

First impressions of the camera are is it ridiculously fast compared to a point and shoot. I can take 3 photos a second of my son throwing a baseball up to 27 shots before it needs a break. Wow. That's cool. The photos are also huge, 10.1 MP to be exact. I could put a poster the size of my house up with that. It also sounds awesome. You know, like a real camera does. There's a strange feeling about this every time you hear that noise on a SLR... it's like every time you hear that click it makes you think to yourself "oh yeah, that's a great shot". I wonder if there's some psychological thing behind that SLR click noise.

I suppose I should mention the photos are vivid and turn out great also. I'll keep experimenting with it and start looking for a decent zoom lens with image stabilization that won't break the bank.


Maggie said...

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Ben M Abler said...

Well, I'm not going to be scrapbooking with it, but I'm sure my wife will be.

What I'm struggling with is the zoom lenses. Cameras such as the Powershot S5 IS, Powershot G7, a Pentax K10D have it built in to the body. Comparing that to the Canon Rebel XTi, it's going to cost me several hundred dollars to get that same functionality each time I need a lens.