Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Justin Verlander throws a No-No!

I started watching this game in the 3rd inning, immediately I saw how wicked JV's stuff was tonight. Are you kidding me.... 100mph heat on the corner, curve balls that start in Royal Oak and land in the Detroit River, and change ups placed over a dime? I've never seen a Detroit Tiger Pitcher throw as good as JV did tonight for 9 full innings. I'm very happy for him and Pudge who called a great game. I was doing the math and this only happens once or twice a year in Major League Baseball, which is about once or twice out of every 5,000 games. Not too Shabby JV!

Ironic Fact: Pudge has caught a no hitter with one other pitcher in his career, none other than Kenny Rogers also with the Tigers now. ;)

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