Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Moving Sharepoint Designer workflows to Visual Studio with WF

This will be an issue to those in the Microsoft "workflow" world until this is resolved.

The problem: Workflows that are created/implemented with Sharepoint Designer 2007 are "one time only" solutions that cannot be easily upgraded or reused for other applications.

The solution: Some folks at Microsoft are telling me you can upgrade it by moving it to Visual Studio with WF (although of course this is unsupported - but possible). They say you can do this by saving the XOML in Sharepoint Designer locally, then creating a new workflow project and adding the XOML to the project. From there you can also add a CS and Rules file to the XOML.

However, I'm hearing from some of my contacts (some are MVPs) that nobody has actually made this work. Has anyone actually tried this and made it work?

For us, it is a critical consideration as we convert workflow applications - because although SPD provides a nice fast way to create workflows. In reality that is not very useful for us because we will need to make modifications to them and upgrade them later without "throwing away" what we have.


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Anonymous said...


I am getting the same need as yours and I would like to know If you have gotten any idea about this.
I am going to test If it is possible to open an SPD workflow with VS .NET.


Renato GuimarĂ£es.