Thursday, April 05, 2007

A little about me....

So I thought I'd provide a little background about me. I've typically flown under the radar in the development community, hitting up resources and leveraging information as I need to but not as much online. I think that's changing and I will be more vocal and get into the blogging game. This seems to be the trend these days towards social communities.

I started in computers at a very young age on a good old Macintosh 512k, which I still have and it still works. Dark Castle was a great game! I became fascinated with the web before there was a graphical web browser released... using text based browsers with keystrokes on lynx/unix/gopher and usenet newsgroups. I was on it every day figuring out how it worked, how I could connect to things across the world in a keystroke was amazing. When Netscape 1.0 came out, I was in heaven. I started playing more with the web and programming... took some computer courses at my school, and I entered some competitions and took 3rd in the state and 8th in the nation in computer programming. From there, I bought a book on HTML and started playing around with this new thing called the "web".

I got my bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems at Western Michigan University. I feel the business school there is superb and provided me with challenges and opportunities I would have not had elsewhere. I worked my way through college with several part time jobs, including my own consulting operation as well as a technology student representative for Apple Computer. I started as an intern for Kellogg Company in 1996 where I quickly started learning one of the hottest technologies of the time, Lotus Notes. It was amazing software -- it could do anything and fast! I stuck with Lotus Notes/Domino apps and web technologies for 11 years, working as everything from an independent consultant to an employee at multiple Fortune 500 companies. I've worked as a consultant or employee at several of highly admired companies including IBM, Lotus, Kellogg Company, Whirlpool, Herman Miller, Amcor, Nalco Exxon, and Apple. My experiences along the way have contributed to my growth as an individual. I've now been at Plante & Moran focusing on workflows/BPM for 5 years. I like it, and we move faster here than anywhere I've worked. That's exciting.

I'm currently in process of diving in head first into Sharepoint 2007, .NET 3.0, and Workflow Foundation. I'm very excited about the capabilities I see with Microsoft's latest releases, and I plan to focus the next phase of my career in this space.

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