Monday, April 02, 2007

30 Pounds

I've achieved a mini-goal to lose 30 pounds.  I want to lose another 25 or so ideally. The second part is going to be tough as really the first 30 came off easy for me.   I'm not doing any particular "diet" just really it comes down to taking in less calories on a consistent basis than you burn in a day.  So figure out how many you burn, and then eat less than that.  Sounds simple doesn't it.   I'm on a major plateau right now though which I cannot shake.   Hopefully I will continue losing soon.


w8in said...

Good job! You're doing better at it than I am..haha

Ben M Abler said...

Thanks. I honestly found the first 25-30 pounds easy. It's after that when it gives tough. I haven't lost a pound in over a month now.