Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Transitioning Notes Expert

As I ponder the last 11 years I've worked with Lotus Notes, I realize what a great software it has been for so many. It really is a product where it's strengths all too often are also it's weaknesses. How many times do notes people say "sure, we can do that in Notes", then are stuck supporting an application that never really belonged there in the first place, trying to make it work like a relational database, or attempting to get a distributed replicated environment "real time".

I'm looking at evolving my career into a new technological space. While many would say the obvious evolution is Lotus Notes to Websphere/Java/J2EE, I'm not so sure.

I think MOSS (Microsoft Sharepoint 07) is going to be a big win and attract a lot of opportunities, and I'm leaning towards getting up to speed in Microsoft technologies. After all LotusScript is 90% the same syntax as Visual Basic.NET -- it seems like an easier transition to me with potentially more opportunities as well.

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